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Welcome to Black Cruze.

About Us

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We are the best fashion magazine seller in the world, providing both digital and printed copies of our magazines. We have a large selection of titles that cover all aspects of fashion from Fashion & Beauty to Swim Wear. Our magazines feature interviews with top models, trend reports, beauty tips and more. We offer subscriptions for both digital and print versions so you can get your favourite magazine whenever it's released. With unbeatable customer service and fast delivery times, we make sure you never miss an issue! 

Models have achieved much success from gracing the cover of our magazine. These covers often feature some of the most sought-after and influential models, Photographers, Makeup artists in the industry, providing them with a platform to further their careers. Some of these models include Lexi Monique, Carmen Yeji , Danyelle, Shawntina Lane   – all of whom have become household names due to their appearances on our magazine's top covers.

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